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Pick your horn up and blow me a tune;
I'll sing to the moon all night.
When the sun's up we'll all say goodbye,
Tomorrow, I might be there.
    — From Billie
has developed an enthusiastic audience in the Northeast U.S. with her
honest, straight-ahead style, and equal energy for Swing songs,
bebop, ballads and Latin jazz. She also kicks in writing music and lyrics.

"People tell me my attitude on stage is energetic and contagious to them. They say that they feel good watching me engaged in the music; it engages them, too. "

Nicole Pasternak as quoted in JazzImprov, Spring 2008
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"This sassy jazz singer has a beautiful, crystal clear tone and a bright manner that never obscures her impressive Bop chops. Pasternak allows plenty of room for her band to solo, but she is always firmly in control of the proceedings. This is an upscale, nightclub group that fans of gritty jazz should enjoy."

"A sound too good not to notice."
— Pulse Mag

“A fine singer with an appealing voice, a comfortable range and a natural feeling for jazz.”
— Scott Yanow, AMG All Music Guide

"This is musical artistry fully in control. With sensitively arranged sets that work in a wide range of styles, the sound is polished, solid, and fresh, a constantly active exchange with the instrumentalists. Had your fill of singers who are happy to rely on a 'softer' style (read: pulseless, clueless, singing over the band), go listen to Nicole for a cure that will spoil you. Although she currently only gigs regularly in the mid-Atlantic states, U.S.A., her talent is world-class."

"The 'Shirley Temple' of Jazz!"
— Ralph Lalama

"The problem with an unknown singer, as opposed to one who has established a reputation like, say, Diana Krall or Cassandra Wilson, is that listeners, at first exposure, suspend judgment, as they remain skeptical until the previously unknown singer wins them over. Maybe Pasternak knows that and is canny. More likely, she enjoys entertaining for the sheer joy of it."
— Bill Donaldson, Jazz Improv

"A truly personable trio backing an enchanting voice."
— Thomas Staudter

"Her subtle voice is well paired with a straight-ahead band...The solo saxophone flight 'You' segues wonderfully into 'Inchworm'... Pasternak and her band do prove that there is still quality when you dig below the surface of jazz.
— Tad Hendrickson, JazzWeek

"…Reminiscent of a young Ella...the brightest young jazz singer I've heard since Bobby McFerrin..."
— Chuck Berg, JazzTimes

“Nicole Pasternak easily takes the claim to this year's {and any year's, for that matter} title of the ‘Most Valuable Performer Deserving of Wider Recognition’ simply because she and her music, in league with her obviously well-chosen musicians, represent the finest flowering of the Jazz Tradition. To wit, she embraces the entire vocal tradition, negotiates her way around chord changes like a seasoned horn pro, combines creativity, sensitivity and organizational finesse, and like all great vocalist/soloists, brings to her art a high sense of arranging and orchestration. All of her performances radiate a straight-forwardness that communicates directly to all audiences, and in many ways, recalls the kind of magnetism that Billie Holiday could generate, while emulating the buoyancy of a young Peggy Lee. Of course, the comparisons are endless, but one thing remains constant - Nicole Pasternak is an original and her commitment to the craft of Music is uncompromising. Bravo Nicole, keep swinging, and in due course, the rest of the world will catch up. We all need to drink from the well, as they say.”
— Charles Haynes, VisionWind Music